Mailoop Workshops

Mailoop runs workshops dedicated to raising employees’ awareness of the issues associated with e-mail. They can be adapted to the needs of the company. Our two flagship workshops: “The keys to a right to smart disconnection” and “What e-mails say about our organizations”. These participatory workshops allow each manager to identify concrete actions to put in place, and especially to know well the key factors of success for a successful approach.

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Mailoop Audit

Mailoop analyzes the flow of e-mails and meetings within organizations. Going back in time (up to 12 months, according to the information system), Mailoop is able to produce an exhaustive inventory of communication practices, and to identify priority areas of work to improve efficiency. The Mailoop Audit includes a report and a feedback session with management to raise awareness.

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Mailoop Feedback

Mailoop gives employees the power to act when faced with everyday situations. Mailoop Feedback is an addin that integrates with Outlook or Gmail to add no additional complexity or mental burden to employees. Feelings to share anonymously? In one click, the feedbaack is sent to Mailoop. The choice of feedbacks is customizable according to the needs of the company: background, form, schedules, means of communication … Mailoop allows to act on all the digital communication!

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Mailoop reports

Mailoop contributes to individual and collective change in behavior. The individual report, available on our secure servers, allows each employee to become aware of his use of email, meetings, and the anonymous perception of his peers on the emails he or she has written. The 360 ° approach allows everyone to finally know where to act to better communicate with colleagues. The consolidated corporate report guides management in setting up and measuring the effectiveness of the action plans.

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Smart Deconnection

And if everyone decided his own report to disconnect? Mailoop started from this question to invent the Smart Deconnexion, the first solution that adapts to the rhythms and habits of employees. A shield is made available to all employees to no longer receive notifications outside working hours. Access to emails is kept, to allow everyone freedom to organize, but no need to respond by reflex to an email received a Sunday afternoon without really needing it.

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