Six good reasons to install Mailoop

Establish a Right to Disconnect


Connected workers check their e-mails on holidays, 64% on weekends, 58% in the evening. There is an urgent need to establish an effective Right to Disconnect.

Fight against digital incivilities


employees (2015 study, Aurélie Laborde) say they are exposed to digital incivilities everyday. How to change these behaviors?

Improve daily efficiency


spending your time re-focusing after each interruption during a working day (emails received, notifications, meetings …)

Facilitate the adoption of new channels


CAC 40 companies set up a corporate Social network (IGS-RH study). Less than 25% of employees adopted it.

Implement a charter of good use


companies have a charter of use of the e-mail. Do you know the main rules recommended in yours?

Preventing Digital Psychosocial Risks


E-mail has become the first stressor related to new uses of digital. Well-regulated, ICTs are also a formidable vector of autonomy and flexibility.

The benefits of Mailoop

The causes of stress and work discomfort have changed a lot.  Now the first sources of stress at work are the e-mails that accumulate or those who arrive in the evenings and weekends, or badly prepared meetings that drag on. Mailoop helps everyone to reduce these sources of stress



By dint of being interrupted by the notifications of all kinds, we arrive at the end of the day exhausted and with the impression of having accomplished nothing. Mailoop helps you reduce notifications so you have more time to concentrate and be more efficient!

Being in front of emails that accumulate, poorly targeted emails. Mailoop allows you to help your colleagues improve their communication so that it best meets your expectations and vice versa!

The right to disconnect, which dictates when everyone must be connected or disconnected, adds more stress than it removes. With Mailoop, everyone can adapt disconnection schedules to their personal rhythms and constraints. And with the SmartDéconnexion, everyone knows he/she will not disturb his/her colleagues when he or she works in staggered hours!

Since the first of January 2017, each company must implement the right to disconnect. Not easy to find a truly effective solution that is compatible with operational requirements. Mailoop makes it possible to set up today an effective right of disconnection for all, which respects the rhythm of each, employees and company.

Overwhelmed with email and stuck with meetings, your employees need you! By reducing the volume and improving the qualities of emails and meetings, Mailoop allows you to make the daily lives of your employees more pleasant and more effective.

You set up the training measures or the sensibilisation to improve communication between the teams.With Mailoop you could measure objectively the impact of your training for the better use.

Due to analyses Mailoop, you could understand the reality of the communications in your company. Overloaded departments, problems with the partitioning, Mailoop helps you to identify the best way to help your teams.

Less people in CC, better targeted e-mails, better targeted communication channel (oral, e-mail, collaborative tool). By accompanying each employee individually, Mailoop allows everyone to improve the usage of communication tools and reduced the volume of e-mails to manage.

Mailoop can be deployed in a few command lines to Outlook or Gmail tools. Mailoop allows you to establish an effective right to disconnect tomorrow.

Mailoop uses the highest and the most demanding security standards whether for access, encryption or personal data. Mailoop works with many very demanding actors: CAC40, so-called companies of national interest, etc.

Corporate social networks, collaborative tools, chat tools … With each new tool arises the same problem: how to make employees aware of the proper use of these tools? Since e-mail is the communication channel often used by default, Mailoop relies on collective intelligence so that everyone can guide their colleagues by sharing feedback on where the information should be. The employee then becomes aware of his need for training and can link with your resources!

The right to disconnect, which dictates when everyone should be connected or not, can paradoxically add stress. With Mailoop, everyone can adapt disconnection schedules to their personal rhythms and constraints. And with the Smart Deconnexion, everyone knows he will not disturb his colleagues when he or she works in staggered hours!

Digital communication often lacks empathy. By interposed screen, walls communication can slip and cause stress and discomfort for all. Mailoop puts everyone in the center of communication and adds the layer of empathy that is missing from digital communication.

Negotiations and action plans can not be put in place without an effective and independent measurement tool. Mailoop allows to make a complete inventory of digital uses in the company.

And if finally the prevention of the RPS related to digital democratized? Mailoop has developed unique algorithms on the market to identify difficult situations, and allows to set up specific actions with all the necessary confidentiality. Mailoop gives you the means to control the risk, but you have to manage the appropriate actions

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Mailoop’s bibliography lists the studies, articles, reports, videos … which are the most interesting and relevant from our point of view on the subject of the usage the e-mails at work and their impact on employee’s health and productivity of the company. A forgotten report, a recent study … follow our blog, we will update our bibliography!