RGPD in practice

Mailoop was imagined, coded, and implemented in the perspective of the arrival of the RGPD. This is why our approach is in principle aligned with the main principles of the RGPD. Better, we think this is a great opportunity to highlight companies that use the data of users with care. It is a key axis of differentiation to value the made in France!

Limit collected data to the essentials, in complete transparency

Mailoop minimised the data collected: only professional e-mail headers and business  meetings are analyzed. The purpose: to give everyone a better understanding of its digital uses.

Secure data by applying industry best practices

Mailoop protects your data threefold. The feedbacks are secure, the databases are encrypted, and most of the collected data is hashed irreversibly. The only thing a Mailoop employee can know is the email address of active users! The data is stored in France.

Give users total control over their data

In essence, Mailoop offers users the right to access their data via their dashboard. By involving staff representatives as soon as possible, Mailoop also ensures that employees are well informed about the objectives of the tool and the transparency of the approach.

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