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What support to deploy Mailoop?

An adapted accompaniment for each size of company

An SME with fewer than 250 employees has smaller budgets, and is often more comfortable with standardized cloud approaches. The installation is facilitated. In the case of key accounts, IT security teams each have their own requirements. At Mailoop, we have developed solutions to respond to all possible cases. The trust of our renowned customers is proof of this.


  • Simplified audit
  • Direct API connection
  • Configuration of the tool by the administrator
  • No dedicated technical assistance
  • Standard IT security process
  • Shared multi-tenant database
  • Launch in autonomy


Big account
  • Full audit with restitution
  • Installing the Mailoop firewall
  • Accompanying our teams for configuration
  • Dedicated technical assistance
  • Custom IT security process
  • Database and separate instances
  • Animation and help with launch

Technical Compatibility

Do you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer? Ask your IT administrator for the version of your Exchange mail server! Some features are available on the most recent versions.

Solution serveur Analyse des flux continue Analyse des flux ponctuelle Mailoop Feedback Smart Déconnexion
Google Suite x x x x
Exchange Online x x x x
Exchange 2016 x x x x
Exchange 2013 x x
Exchange 2010 x
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Customer side

Mailoop addins are integrated with Gmail (mobile applications, web) as well as Outlook (desktop version 2013 and higher, web, mobile applications). The easiest way to know right away if your company’s infrastructure is compatible is to test the connection to our service.

Test the connection

The stages of deployment

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