Leader de l’analyse RH des e-mails et réunions, Mailoop accompagne les organisations, depuis l’audit jusqu’à la mise en place d’outils uniques d’amélioration et de feedbacks continus, vers une communication numérique plus efficace, plus qualitative, et moins stressante.

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What benefits?

Better communicate to improve productivity and quality of life at work

Connected workers spend more than half of their day managing e-mails and attending meetings. We believe that there is a wealth of productivity and quality of life at work to be exploited by improving the efficiency and benevolence of business communication. At the crossroads of HR issues (right to disconnect, quality of life at work) and IT (good use of digital tools), Mailoop mobilizes employees and management around this ambitious goal.

What benefits?

How to change the situation?

Change the behaviours

Change the behaviours

There is no point to stalk the tools on top of each other to amplify the digital divide. These are the behaviors that must be changed. To do this, everyone must become aware of their practices in order to take responsibility for themselves and to follow their evolution.

Give the power to act

Give the power to act

The key to effective transformation : empower employees to act with everyday situations they encounter. Don’t need new rules, they are the
new rights that must be given, such as the right to share their one’s feelings.

Frame the uses

Frame the uses

The organization must be there to provide the framework and embody the approach. For this, continuous quantitative and qualitative measurement is essential to carry out the collective action plans, and to ensure vigilance on employees’ practices.

Mailoop’s approach

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Very convenient for pushing to use Teams for some conversations!

Robin, Bartle, Mailoop user
Je ne me sentais pas personnellement surchargé par les emails. Le premier bilan mensuel a été instructif et m’a permis de connaitre la typologie de mes emails.
Axel, Bartle, Mailoop user

I realised that I had a very high level of hyper connection compared to my colleagues. i tried to limit my work at late hours and on the weekend.

Alexandra, Bartle, Mailoop user

Mailoop fits perfectly with our desire to bring innovative and concrete solutions to the challenges faced by our customers. Moderating digital communication to improve efficiency and quality of life at work is a relevant answer to a universal problem.

Gwenaelle de la Roche, ManPower Group



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